You cannot force them

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It was only three months ago, during a conversation with our beloved admin, that I told her: of course, I still find time to sing and write in between my work. And I had a hint of pride in my voice that day. I really don’t believe in the concept of having no time. To quote a dear friend, if we really need to do it, we will find time to.

But it has been a lousy October for me. It has been three weeks since I sang; nearly a month since I wrote something. When I tried to change this situation, when I tried to force myself to get back to writing a couple of lines (just like now) or to bray a song or two, I realised this. I realised that you can never force art; you can never force creativity out of someone.

So I decided to stop it all. But again, you cannot force them.

And it is an irony that I write this on Vijayadasami, a day when I am supposed to revamp my skills.

– Vid.

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5 Replies to “You cannot force them”

  1. It is all in the mind 🙂 never mind what other minds – like-minds and unlike minds says – don’t mind them – find time to mind your mind and write and sing 🙂 you are good at both!!! Mind it 🙂

    Gils oda saindhu indha gadhi 🙂

  2. Stupid: Nice analysis Vidhu.

    Some more to add:

    1. Stupid in one area may be wise in other place. A person buying a refrigrator in Antartica may be seen as a stupid person by the people of antartica. He may be considered wise, since he buys that article at a cheapest price , expecting his transfer to a tropical place.
    2. Stupid relates to level / or state of acceptance by the people. The ordant follower will accept everyword ,( irrespective of the nature of stupidity) from the sayings of Guruji , without applying his analytical mind. If the same sermon is told to the outside world, the same will be considered stupid.
    3. A foolish statement repeatedly told/ advertised will become wise in course of time.
    Say, if an advertisement reads as under:

    Combing with hot iron bar will give curling in the hair.

    The same will be considered stupid by anyone who reads. If the same advertisement is repeated in paper several times., One may think ‘why cann’t we try that; there may be truth in the statement”
    4. What is stupid in the presentdays would have been a wisething, several years back. (Eg:Cruel treatment by yesteryears people for some problems).


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