The log of wood

Poem, Ramblings / Friday, April 19th, 2013

The floating log, that is me,
On the river, on your left,
I bounce, I float, I do not swim,
The current takes me adrift.

You bestow me with swimming prowess,
Now I can travel both ways, to and fro!
Against the current I do progress,
As I always wished to do.

Its beginner’s luck, and the first
Phase proves to be a worthy quest;
Then by obstacles I get whipped,
Finally my fins get chipped.

I am back to being the log of wood,
And I go adrift again;
The same length that I went up
Now me (and my efforts) down the drain.

‘Peryaatru neervazhip padooum punai pol
Aaruyil muraivazhip padooum’, they say.
How do I react when I get blessed
With fins a second time!

photo courtesy - Sandhya Menon
photo courtesy – Sandhya Menon

P.S: Manipravalam is allowed in poetry, why not Tanglish!

– Until next,
Vid 🙂

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8 Replies to “The log of wood”

  1. Make a heaven in the drain
    Probably with little help of brain
    the log may have got chipped of its fins
    But consider as it washed old sins
    You are the nightingale which rarely sings
    Wish you to grow a pair of brand new wings

    Mokka than i know.. But paravalla.. adjust panniko !!

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