Darbari Kanada

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When OK Kanmani songs were released and I made my dad listen to Naane Varugiren, we started discussing how every few years one hit song in darbari kanada comes out somehow. And we were wondering what is so special about this raga that makes it a music director’s favourite. That is how I came up […]

December 7, 2016


carnatic, film music, music, raga series

The next raga in the series is Begada, a raga whose scale doesn’t conform to order. I always imagined ragas like Kamas and Begada to be these rebellious kids refusing to stand in line during school assembly. Nevertheless, they stand out, don’t they. The below song is probably the reason why I wanted to do […]

December 3, 2016


carnatic, film music, music, raga series

I started writing a series of posts on Carnatic Ragas, a few years ago. We did 16 ragas then, and having been inspired by a few requests to continue, here I am kick starting the second set of ragas. The phase one started here. The format usually is to give an explanation to the raga […]

December 1, 2016


carnatic, film music, music, raga series

After Nattakurinji, for a fitting finale, I could not have chosen anything better than Mohanam. One will have the feeling of having lived life King size after listening to this raga; it is that grand and fulfilling. Mohanam belongs to the family of Harikamboji with 5 swaras in scale – S R2 G3 P D2 […]

July 2, 2013


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And this is the penultimate raga – N  for Nattakurinji, after a detailed Brindavana Saranga. Nattakurinji is a child raga of Harikamboji. It is very vakra (zigzag) in usage. Aarohanam: S R2 G3 M1 N2 D2 N2 P D2 N2 S Avarohanam: S N2 D2 M1 G3 M1 P G3 R2 S Nattakurinji, I feel […]

July 2, 2013

Brindavana Saranga

carnatic, film music, music, raga series

So this post is B for Brindavana Saranga. A raga with an appeal to any kind of audience and at any time, in my opinion. It is the janya of the giant family of Karaharapriya with a scale as: Aarohanam: S R2 M1 P N3 S Avarohanam: S N2 P M1 R2 G2 R2 S […]

June 26, 2013


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This post is about the raga Vasantha. One of the oldest raga in vogue for more than a thousand years, it is said; suitable to be sung in the evening. It is derived from the 17th melakartha (parent raga) Suryakantham. The scale is S M1 G3 M1 D2 N3 S / S N3 D2 M1 […]

June 25, 2013


carnatic, film music, music, raga series

My last post in the series was Lalitha, and now it is C for Charukesi. This raga, I feel, has an emotional appeal in both Hindustani and Carnatic Classical. This is the 26th melakartha ragam in the scale chart, thus has all 7 swaras. Aarohanam: S R2 G3 M1 P D1 N2 S Avarohanam: S […]

June 23, 2013


carnatic, film music, music, raga series

Any Tamil movie fan will be familiar with Lalitha Kamalam of Unnal Mudiyum Thambi. Did you know that there was a song in the movie on the same raga, Lalitha? Idhazhil Kadhai Ezhudhum Neramidhu … which exudes the genius of Ilayaraja in every phrase 🙂 Lalitha belongs to the the Mayamalava Gowla janya (15) with […]

June 13, 2013


carnatic, film music, music, raga series

After a long time, getting back to the raga series. After Hindolam, the ragam I chose to write about is Karaharapriya, the first melakartha (parent) raga in my list as of now. Something that stuck me as a surprise is the fact that this raga has not been used by both Muthuswamy Dikshitar or Syama […]

June 5, 2013