Peace of Award

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After raking my brains for nearly two weeks, I finally know what I am going to write for this award post. First and foremost, thanks a million Bragadeesh Prasanna for tagging me here, you are such a dear as always! So what do I make of this award? I thought the giver wished me with […]

July 21, 2013

Train Chronicles – 1

Ramblings, Story

The train was nearly empty. At one corner window seats, two people were sitting opposite to each other – one was our hero and another fellow, supposedly a railway employee, from the looks of the ID card peeking out of his shirt pocket. Our hero started a light conversation, “Anand varalaingala inniku?” “Yaaru?” “Railway quarters […]

July 18, 2013


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My relative had written a tamizh poem and we were discussing it. The poem had a reference to how 14 parts of your body touches the ground when you prostrate in front of God. I had to ask, “male-chauvenism even in falling at feet?” FYI, atleast in Tambrahm ways, men fall entire stretch while women […]

July 14, 2013

Varsha’s day out

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Mama woke me up telling we are all going to Mysore boo. Yeah!!!! I was going to see crocodiles and birds and tigers and lions… And Papa and Chithi were also coming. I ate porridge watching Chota Bheem. Then Papa gave me bath and Mama put on a new pink dress and pink hair band […]

July 9, 2013

16. Mohanam

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After Nattakurinji, for a fitting finale, I could not have chosen anything better than Mohanam. One will have the feeling of having lived life King size after listening to this raga; it is that grand and fulfilling. Mohanam belongs to the family of Harikamboji with 5 swaras in scale – S R2 G3 P D2 […]

July 2, 2013

15. Nattakurinji

carnatic, film music, music, raga series

And this is the penultimate raga – NĀ  for Nattakurinji, after a detailed Brindavana Saranga. Nattakurinji is a child raga of Harikamboji. It is very vakra (zigzag) in usage. Aarohanam: S R2 G3 M1 N2 D2 N2 P D2 N2 S Avarohanam: S N2 D2 M1 G3 M1 P G3 R2 S Nattakurinji, I feel […]

July 2, 2013