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“Why should boys have all the fun?”

Yeah… Even the music society is very male – chauvinistic in its approach. Why else have the composers / musicians / researchersΒ  mostly hailed and praised the fairer sex? “…thodayla aadhi thaalatha potta… kidaikira ragam karaharapriya va shanmugapriya va sree priya va…” – see, all girl names πŸ˜‰

So I thought let me try to personify the less-in-number, not-much-metaphorised male counterparts. Here goes…

  • Kalyana Vasantham – amma paiyyan (mother’s boy)
  • Mohanam – Mr. Fair and Handsome
  • Hamsanadham – casual
  • Sankarabharanam – the slow (but not dim-witted) WISE guy
  • Begada – gym body, but not the getting into fight types
  • Atana – the brawly kind
  • Behag – U. S. returned high-fi (attention getting) guy
  • Brindavana Saranga – the complete charmer
  • Kannada & Kaanada – twins.. say, Thomson and Thompson
  • Sama – lazy bones (mostly with a hangover)
  • Simmendra Madhyamam – opposite of a tomboy, whatever that is called…
  • Bhairavam – no one can understand him!
  • Kedaram – very traditional
  • Mayamalava Gowla – Kids’ favourite, like Shakthimaan, Superman,…
  • Bhoopalam – the rooster
  • Natta – loud and stubborn
  • Sowrashtra – confident
  • Paraj – boring…
  • Darbar -the Leader

P.S: When I tried to list down the neutrally named ragas, I had to discard nearly 99% of the names that I was able to remember.

More names or suggestions are welcome!

– Until next,

Vid πŸ™‚

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  1. But some how I always relate Atana and Natta to females. Espescially the Gambhira nattai if you see, it is very feminine in form I believe πŸ™‚ JMO

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